Reviews about Normadex

  • Alexandru
    I work as a cook and during the planned medical commission I found out that I am infected with helminths. The doctor advised me to take Normadex. I underwent a course of treatment and the tests were absolutely clean. I recommend!
  • Nicolae
    We have a cat at home that walks outside. I heard that you can get helminths from animals, but I did not betray this meaning until itching in the anus appeared, vomiting and the temperature rose. I decided to drink Normadex from helminths. All symptoms are gone!
  • Oana
    I found out that I was infected with helminths, the doctor prescribed me a medicine, he assured me that there would be no side effects, but after the first pill I experienced terrible pain. I started looking for a gentler remedy and found Normadex. It fit me perfectly, I got rid of the parasites!
  • Ana
    When they got a cat, they decided to take a responsible approach to their health and regularly take anthelmintic properties. But since the kids are at home, I had to look for a safe remedy. And it seemed Normadex to them. After taking it, no one had side effects, they got rid of helminths completely.
  • Ioana
    I took Normadex in the acute stage of helminth infection. Before taking the medicine there was diarrhea, vomiting, fever. After a week of admission, all symptoms disappeared. At the end of the course of admission, helminths were not detected in the analyses. I am cured!
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